About Us


It was humble beginning in the 1999 January, the group of community leaders initiated the ministry of ETSC-Nepal is a holistic mission with the message & work of welfare.

Targeted Communities

Marginalized and vulnerable community, poor, illiterate, dalits, ethnic groups, indigenous and endangered groups.

Target Area

ETSC Nepal has been working in the VDCs of Makwanpur district as their main target areas.

Our Values

ETSC Nepal has developed its specific main values in order to make its performance more practical, transparent and public oriented.

ETSC Nepal


  • Achieve the development goal by formation of community organizations, capacity building, plan development and implementation.
  • For improving the social and economical living standard of the marginalized and disadvantaged communities, increase the opportunities of self employment through income generative program by producing skilled human resources.
  • For raising awareness on human rights, child development, health, education including family and spiritual awareness as well as to bring development in these sectors, provide opportunities in the areas of fundamental Nepali skills and techniques.
  • Identifying the common public concerned issues, take initiatives to address and solve such issues.
  • Establish just peace and prosperous society.
  • Sharing the common objectives and thoughts with like minded governmental, non governmental, local, regional, national and international organizations, extend the development services.

ETSC Nepal


With the objective of developing the vulnerable community and to raise awareness among them, ETSC- Nepal has been adopting following strategies:

  • Conduct problem identification & analysis, development of action plan, implementation and training, meeting, counseling and interaction sessions.
  • Resource sharing and effective mobilization of resources.
  • Identification, analysis and advocacy of public issues.
  • Network development, Coordination and partnership.
  • Sustainable development plan and long term implementation.
  • Resource development training and mobilization.
  • Community practice for raising awareness.

ETSC Nepal

Main Values

  • Peace and Justice.
  • Transparency
  • Social co-existence and cooperation
  • Self dependency
  • Democratic practice.
  • Mutual respect and love
  • Focus on solving the long term problems
  • Love the creation of God

ETSC Nepal

Work Procedure

ETSC-Nepal has been conducting various activities based on the need of the community.  For the effective implementation of the program, ETSC-Nepal has developed its own network. Community groups within the network have been working according to their weekly, monthly and yearly plans which are based on the needs of the community. ETSC Nepal has been supporting them through regular monitoring, evaluation and feedbacks.

ETSC Nepal

Work Procedure

In order to address the social problems, ETSC-Nepal strives for improving the related issues and social deviations to maintain social tolerance through the awareness groups working in the community level.  Further, for increasing the effectiveness of the performance of the organization in developing the other vulnerable groups as well, it has been conducting General Assembly each year. The report and summary of the previous year’s organizational activities are presented in the General Assembly which is followed by developing plans for the next year.