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Educational Support Program:

Educational support program is to provide support to the marginalized children to increase their accessibility to education by establishing the support fund with the help of the local community people. The education support program has been implemented with the objective of extending the educational support initiated by the organization and to benefit maximum number of children and their family to be able to receive education. This program will also be supporting other income generative activities that are required for increasing the accessibility to education. Although the children have been declared as peace zone, many of them are still deprived from their rights. We hope that through our small support they will be able to make themselves capable and responsible citizen in the development of this country in coming future.

The situation of Nepal is extremely dire with more then 60%of the population lives below poverty level. Nepal literacy rate for 6 years age group is only 55%. Nepal's average literacy rate is 48%. At present context 47% of the total children are far from primary education and more then 44% of total children are of under weight. Malnutrition is widespread 1 in every 5 children dies before the age of five. A person in lower castes and ethnic minority groups in particular suffers from poverty and exclusion. Keeping children in school is a major challenge for many families. The economic needs of the household often trump the desire. Parents have to send their kids to school. Girls in particular are held back, they were put in caring youngest siblings and doings work at home. The objective of this plan is to decrease child labor and increase literacy among children's / teens/ youth and provide better life option.