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Integral Mission:

Christian Churches are increasing in number and in members in Nepal and being active in urban and rural community respectively. Many churches have not considered the social activities as spiritual work in favor of people in need. Therefore the priority of community needs has been ignored. Conceptual understanding of development in the Church and encouraging their involvement in the community is an important priority.

The Commandment of Jesus cares for not only spiritual need but for the physical needs too. Since long back Nepali community has been facing lack of awareness, ignorance, gender discrimination, exploitation and spiritual darkness. Even present decade Christian communities are facing same problem and seeking to be free from the centuries long evil clutches.

Even, except this all scenario Christian are liable to provide welfare to the community ethically morally because of their faith and sincerely to the commandment. Now, for Christian church & organization has very prime time to begin address the need of both coin sides of people in order to build the new Nepal spiritually and physically.

ETSC-Nepal has been objectively making efforts to make church leaders work in both coin side needs of people. Since 2000 ETSC-Nepal has been providing Managerial Leadership Training for churches of Nepal includes Biblical and social topics to take care of people needs of spiritual and the physical. We believe the involvement of churches in the community development creates and builds the socialization of New Nepal.

Church & Community Mobilization Process:

ETSC is facilitating Churches on the concept of Church Community Mobilization Process and Visioning Workshop. Its enables church leaders to the understand Integral Mission of the local churches. This provides Christians in identifying gospel opportunities in their community. ETSC supports them to prepare action plans to engage in community mobilization to address the local issues. 

Managerial Leadership Training:

This training has focused its attention towards the useful activities for those all who are burdened with vision to serve the community, churches, people and the Nation. The need of such training program is obvious to meet the requirement of people, communities for the development and growth initiative, It is more important to prepare social mobilizers for their involvement to build the perfect society and the nations. This organization has been providing the managerial leadership training since 2000 AD to support the development activities. Dozens of effective programs are described in detail so the student will be widely acquainted with the skills of Leadership, Management, Social and Biblical topics. The nine month training program exposes the participants to various theories, methodologies, practices, skills and personal development activities to fully develop the candidate as a professional social and development worker in the Nepalese context. When they go back to their communities they will have a new message and the life with the commitment to serve the community.

Mobile schools are proved most effective to produce local workers for communities’ initiative. This school helps people to be equipped and prepared for family, community & development and to provide local leadership. It has served the needs of many congregations of Nepal those seeks to grow and equipped young people for sowing seed and bringing more holistic activities for the betterment of the community. As a result women groups and saving groups have been formed in the communities and churches.