Maya (name changed)- victim of Human Trafficking- age 25 years from Basamadi

I live in Basamadi and have never been to school. Now I am 25 years old. I come from a very poor family of three sisters and three brothers. My responsibility was to cut grass for the animals. I often got beatings for bringing home less grass. From childhood I liked smoking cigarettes. I was sent to my aunt’s house which was a turning point in my life from good to bad. I developed friendship with one boy who one day gave me a cigarette to smoke. The cigarette may have had a drug which had a stupefying effect. Before I could realize what had happened, I landed in Mumbai in a brothel. In a well planned manner the boy took me there. I was given alcohol to drink; I slept well in the night. When I woke up in the morning I enquired about the boy who brought me there. People in the brothel told me that the boy had gone to search for a room to rent. Waiting for the boy, I restlessly passed three days and on my repeated enquiries they finally told me that the boy has gone selling me there for Rs.35,000/-. I was 12 years old when this storm came in my life, I cried and cried. I was asked to take bath, new clothes were given to me and ritual make up was done for me. Now I was ready for the business. I stayed in the brothel for 4 years. One day, one boy came to the brothel and he managed to help me escape from the brothel. He managed to engage me in the embroidery work.

One day I went out to buy vegetables in the market where I was identified and picked up by the police. During that time there was a movement initiated by police to rescue people like me from the brothels. I was taken to the Ashram by the police where there were about 250 girls rescued like me. We stayed here for nearly nine months. Thereafter, we were sent back to Nepal by Air and our blood was tested on arrival in Nepal. Thirteen years have passed when I got married. At that time I was HIV positive. Knowing all these facts my husband married me. When I came from India, I had enough money and my husband was kind to me and used to love me. Over a period of time, he stopped loving me. I had bought a piece of land and built a small house. One day my husband came home and in a fit of anger he cut my thumb. My thumb developed gangrene and doctors operated upon it and amputated my thumb. I sold my house for this treatment. My husband fell in love with another girl and has married her. Now I live in a small hut.

The NGO ETSCN helped me and consoled me. I am appreciative for their concern. Thank you.

Munni (name changed) – victim of human trafficking, age 30 years from Chisapani

At present I live in Chesapani Hetauda and my husband is a painter. I was very small when my father left me with my paternal aunt. My aunt hatched a conspiracy and sold me to the broker when I was merely 14 years old. The person who carried me away said to me that he is taking me to my mother. That is how I landed in a city called Mumbai in India. I stayed in India for nearly ten years and was also taken to Pune and Gujarat.

In the brothel, life in the beginning is tough and new comers are not trusted by the owner of brothel called “Gharwali”. In fact Gharwali does not stay in the brothel but stays in good locality and leads a respectful life with husband and children. The Gharwali often visits the brothel called Kotha to collect the money. In the brothel around 40 to 50 girls in the age group of 12 to 40 years stay in the dormitory. They are not allowed to have close relationships with each other as friends. The “Didi” lady manager of the brothel always keeps a watch on the girls. The gate keeper of the brothel   is called “Mausa” or uncle.

The client pays for services according to their preferences. Payments range from Rs.150/- to Rs.600/- for each encounter. For taking a girl outside the brothel the client pays up to Rs.2000/-.The privilege of going out with the client is given only to trustworthy girls who have been in the brothel for about two years, have developed liking for this profession and have proved loyalty to Gharwali or manager of the brothel. In the old age if the CSW wants she can work in the brothel as cook, washer woman and do petty jobs for which she is paid salary.

Nearly 16 years ago safe sex was not practiced in brothels. After two years of my brothel life I became pregnant and I preferred to continue with my pregnancy. Most of the girls in such situations would prefer to abort the baby. However, a baby girl was born to me and I fed the baby for two months and in accordance with the customs of the brothel, after two months the baby is sent out to be brought up elsewhere at the cost of brothel owner. However every month the baby is brought to the mother for few hours. I still have that child with me. After coming back from Mumbai I married a boy who now works as a painter. After six years of married life a girl child was born to me.

My health did not cooperate with me and ultimately it was found that I am HIV positive. Knowing this fact my husband cried and felt very bad. But now he is fine with me and he knows about my past life.

It is now eight years that I have come back from Mumbai. The Gharwali gave me Rs.10, 000/- on leaving Mumbai. One person accompanied me and left me on the border of Nepal from where I came back home on my own.

The contact with NGO ETSCN has been much fruitful. I am given nutrition help in the form of Rs.300/- per month, two goats are given to me, I have received training in entrepreneurship development and periodical counseling.  Thank you!