Advocacy and legal support to traffic.

Fulmaya Bholan is 18 years old married teens from Handikhola VDC. She was living with her husband and other family members. Husband is working as cleaner in truck. She has not been in good relationship with husband, time to time they used to quarrel each other and the other side family economic condition was very poor. She was looking for way out for earnings. Days were passing, one day a neighbor Sunita Moktan came to her and started to inspire her for foreign job. Sunita told she could arrange a good job in a home in India for monthly 3500.00 IC. Fulmaya felt good at this and an opportunity for improving her status so she agreed for the plan to go to India for job. She was taken to India via Sunayuli land boarder of Nepal.

Later on husband Ram Bahadur and her family members with other neighbors discovered that Fulmaya is away without any prior plan, consultation and permission from family. Neither Sunita Moktan (broker) made any consult to family members and asks their permission for her to take in jobs in India, but while the Fulmaya was not in village. Members of community peer watch group(CPWG organized by ETSC) became active to find out the clue for this, because obviously this was the case that could be trafficking. CPWG members Sunita Adhakari and her fellow group member made an effort to search the cause of her missing and mobilize communities. The local communities suspected and discovered that the local broker Sunita Moktan was doing such kind of activities and this particular was the fourth case. Local communities approached to District Police Office, Makwanpur with their application to protect Fulmaya Bholan who is being trafficked. ETSC and network members’ organization of Makwanpur continuously labored for follow-up the case to help local communities, government, local agencies, district police and other justice provider stakeholder office. At last with the one month of labor the accused person Sunita Moktan has brought back Full Maya from Delhi. That time Sunita Moktan was living in the village, she brought her back through her contact in Delhi. After her arrival she has not declared her state of being in India openly. Her husband and family have not welcomed her back to the family till the day.  Now she is under care of ETSC- Nepal. ETSCN is planning to provide livelihood skill. Thank you.

Trafficking and Foreign Employment:

”My name is Aaitee maya Thing from Churiyamai VDC-8, Shikherpani. We had no enough land to live. When my husband married another women, Our economic condition of family become difficult and again my husband and his younger wife left the family and gone away.” This has made even more difficult to feed the children and maintain family for Aaitee Maya. Now she has to take responsibility for 3 sons and one daughters and herself. Aaitee Maya easily came to contact with broker who envisioned her beautiful dream of earning money and living a new and a good life while working in foreign land. The agent offered free visa and help to make a passport in district office. She was taken Kuwait via India. ” When I reached to the place of work, I started the work from early morning 4.00 AM to late night 12: PM. My daily course was washing clothes cleaning house, kitchen work, serving food and beverage, attending rooms of family member for their assistance. The family members used to keep bell to call me. It was always impossible to attend immediately as per needs of family members. Continuously I was scolded harshly for not attendance and working in time and proper standard. This every things was very different then my thought about foreign work and life over there.” I thought I will loss my mind and physical life. If I had to go like this, And It come very difficult for me to be kept in work in that house. ”I asked money but the house owner was not paying me since 3 months. ”I thought that they will not give my money instead hard work which I was doing. I decided to leave the home. Neither, I never before thought one could work this much hour continuously nor I ever used to work this much in Nepal. My life was worse then a slave in Kuwait ” when I left the home I could not get even single penny”. However she managed to came to the center (Center: a place where broker brings Nepali women and from there Kuwait house owner takes Nepali women as he likes some one.) from where she was taken to work. There at centers agents advised her again to go to Saudi Arabia as home maiden but she strongly refused to join any work but to go back to Nepal. At that center she meet many other Nepali women’s, some of them were excepting to go other place to join work again after being exploitive from their first one work provider. The broker used to contact new house owner for these women. I’m elderly women so my house owner easily let me go away from home. But many young Nepali women who join work as home maid are not being able to leave the home because of their usefulness for work strength and sex. I’ve meet a young lady who had conceived a baby and house owner forcedly took her to this venue from where she was taken. Many young Nepali women are being used by many house owners when one house owner used some one for the time and again if he doesn’t like in any manner he takes her to that center. And again the broker sells her to other house owner for work. Many women are facing such situation though they don’t want to come back with out sum of money. The Nepali brokers who are working in over there they tend not to let young women go back to Nepal easily. They make every effort to women to join another home again. ”I did not wanted to join any work there how much they try to assume me about good may happen in next job” I could sent one letter to my neighbor sister through one women who was shortly returned to Nepal. With the assistance of my neighbor luckily I’m able to come back to home.” She says because of my ignorant about the foreign employment and the lack of profession here in Nepal, I put in such trafficked situation. Now, days I used to tell other Nepali women not to go aboard without knowing properly about it and it is not a job for ordinary Nepali women. These days I’m cutting wood and selling it for resolving the problem of hands to mouth. I don’t know to pay back 70,000 rupees. It seems there is no way for me again.”

What you do with this everything that you made me tell. What is going on with your organization would you do something to help me in such situation?

Tales of Sorrow: The World of Persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Kali Shivakote (name changed) age 28 years from Kamane

I studied until class 9 and thereafter I discontinued my studies. My husband was a truck driver in Nepal. As a truck driver my husband used to go on long journeys to drive the truck to different parts of the country. Over a period of time he became alcoholic. I am the second wife of my husband. His first wife has left him and her whereabouts are not known. My husband has two sons from the first wife. I had one son and two daughters who are studying and staying in my mother’s house.

I stay with my Nanad (husband’s sister) in Simra , a small town on the border of India. My husband got sick and the sickness prolonged for nearly two years. He could not be healed in -spite of continuous treatment. His health became a cause of concern to me as he became very thin. At one stage due to sickness he could not recognize family members and his legs got paralyzed. He could not go to toilet and I looked after him.  The fact was that my husband knew the reason of his sickness which he did not disclose to me. Ultimately, I took my husband to Kalimati hospital. After knowing the profession and history of prolonged sickness of my husband the doctors suspected the killer disease HIV/AIDS. I never knew anything about this disease and enquired about this disease from the doctor. I asked the doctor to get my husband tested for HIV but my husband was not interested to undergo this test. On my insisting, the blood was drawn and test was done. The cost of the test was Rs.600/- and I had only Rs.500/- with me. They agreed to do the test for the amount I could afford to give.

I was asked by the doctor to come on a specific date to take the report of the test. They were not ready to directly tell me the results. I insisted and asked if it was HIV/AIDS which they confirmed. After hearing this I was shocked, I trembled and fell down unconscious. After some time I regained consciousness and the doctor and nurses helped me to face the reality. I felt like committing suicide. Totally shaken and bewildered, I came back home. My husband who was skin and bones, and seriously ill, asked me about the report of the test. I refused to disclose the report and told my husband that the doctor has asked you to come again on some other day.

My relatives were taunting me. I decided to take my husband to the village. By then I did not get my blood tested. I was advised to get my blood tested and to my surprise I was also infected by the disease. I thought I will go mad; I lost the desire to live. Some people took me to a place where there were women living with HIV/AIDS. That exposure made me realize that I am not the only one hit by the trauma of disease, but there are others who are living in similar circumstances. I realized I am not alone and that gave me hope to live. I was brought back to the main stream of life again. To earn my livelihood I started stitching clothes and got work in a temple. I am getting ARV drugs free of cost which is a great help.

In all these struggles of life I am not able to forget one person Rita Khadka whom I call “Didi” elder sister. In the past I worked in her tailoring shop. She has stood by me in all these struggles and supported me with money and encouragement. Her frequent phone calls give me encouragement and hope.

In the past I had no desire to live but now others including ETSCN has given me courage to live. Their staff periodically meets me and counsels me. To maintain good health I am given monthly nutrition supplement. For enhancing my income ETSCN gave me sewing machine which is a good tool for me to earn. I have also attended their training on entrepreneurship development. To participate in the work of ETSCN I work as a volunteer which satisfies me.

Kanchi (name changed), aged 27, worked in Indian Circus, Kamane village

I have studied till class 5. A broker who was from my village met my father and there were three other persons with the broker from outside our village. My sister and I were persuaded to go to work in the circus in India. In fact my father was convinced that after joining circus we will get education as well as employment. Thus my father took me and my sister to Kanpur and signed an agreement with the circus owner about our employment. This is how we both landed in “Raj Mahal Circus” which was quite big in size. The circus was employing about 100 girls and 150 boys from Nepal, West Bengal and MP in the age group of 6 years to 20 years. However majority of workers were from Nepal. We were given salary of Rs.25/- per month and free food and lodging.

My sister and I took training on how to swing on “Jhula” and it took nearly 8 months to learn, I also learned the skill to rotate ring around my waist and this training was for 3 months. The third trick I learned was to lie down with the lion. Initially I was afraid but gradually I mustered courage and mastered this skill too. Another interesting skill I learned was to ride on one wheel cycle, which was fun.

We were looked after well in the circus and there was separate place for boys and girls to live and our privacy was protected. The meal timings were not appropriate and often we ate late in the night. My health was affected and I used to fall sick often. It was about 15 years ago when the Circus was moved to Ludhiana, Punjab India where I was very sick and blood transfusion was required. Three persons from the circus (two women and one man) donated blood for me which was matching my blood group. I think that blood must have been infected and I got HIV/AIDS.

The last time I worked in the circus was in Nanded, Maharashtra India. I decided to quit my job. Four months ago (July 2009) I returned back to Nepal and the circus owner gave me Rs.15, 000/-. My sickness continued and on investigation, two months ago I was found HIV positive. I was badly shaken and thought of taking poison and finishing my life. A second thought came to me that I have to live for my daughter who is eight years old and is also HIV positive. My husband who comes from Darjeeling and is also Nepali is still working in the circus on “Jhula”. Thank God my husband is not HIV positive. Now my husband knows that my daughter and I have HIV infection.

I was extended help in Hetauda by ETSCN whose staff Usha contacted me. I was given encouragement and financial assistance to buy 100 chicks and do business. These chicks will grow up to 3 kg in 60 days. I plan to develop this poultry business more in the days to come. The ETSCN organization is also helping me by giving monthly nutritional help to buy food. Now when I talk to other women who are also HIV positive, I feel at peace.