Advocacy and legal support to traffic.

Fulmaya Bholan is 18 years old married teens from Handikhola VDC. She was living with her husband and other family members. Husband is working as cleaner in truck. She has not been in good relationship with husband, time to time they used to quarrel each other and the other side family economic condition was very poor. She was looking for way out for earnings. Days were passing, one day a neighbor Sunita Moktan came to her and started to inspire her for foreign job. Sunita told she could arrange a good job in a home in India for monthly 3500.00 IC. Fulmaya felt good at this and an opportunity for improving her status so she agreed for the plan to go to India for job. She was taken to India via Sunayuli land boarder of Nepal.

Later on husband Ram Bahadur and her family members with other neighbors discovered that Fulmaya is away without any prior plan, consultation and permission from family. Neither Sunita Moktan (broker) made any consult to family members and asks their permission for her to take in jobs in India, but while the Fulmaya was not in village. Members of community peer watch group(CPWG organized by ETSC) became active to find out the clue for this, because obviously this was the case that could be trafficking. CPWG members Sunita Adhakari and her fellow group member made an effort to search the cause of her missing and mobilize communities. The local communities suspected and discovered that the local broker Sunita Moktan was doing such kind of activities and this particular was the fourth case. Local communities approached to District Police Office, Makwanpur with their application to protect Fulmaya Bholan who is being trafficked. ETSC and network members’ organization of Makwanpur continuously labored for follow-up the case to help local communities, government, local agencies, district police and other justice provider stakeholder office. At last with the one month of labor the accused person Sunita Moktan has brought back Full Maya from Delhi. That time Sunita Moktan was living in the village, she brought her back through her contact in Delhi. After her arrival she has not declared her state of being in India openly. Her husband and family have not welcomed her back to the family till the day.  Now she is under care of ETSC- Nepal. ETSCN is planning to provide livelihood skill. Thank you.