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Makwanpur is one of the disaster prone districts in the country. In 2002 floods and landslides claimed 135 lives with enormous lost of land and property. Traditional slash and burn farming practiced by the community, illegal timber trade across the border, and forest fires have exacerbated soil erosion and deforestation. Disasters repeated themselves in various place of Makwanpur district due to the incessant heavy monsoon rainfall in each year, the floods and landslides clames  lives and  destroyed large amount of land and property again.

Summary objectives of the Disaster Mitigation:

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  • Through emergency support and services, victims will have opportunity to obtain the basic needs for the immediate survival. Food, shelter, facility for basic education for their children, and the ability to earn resources to rebuild their family and their lives.
  • Target community people will be enhanced to organize and manage natural and social disaster; less preventive and rescue skills; management and other technical skills.
  • There will be a high level of awareness by the people and the communities in their own potential ability, dignity and empowerment from participation in disaster management, organizing relief and in rescued processes.
Bangiri PAsal
  • The Victim’s will have the opportunity to learn new skills which are easily marketable locality though training , continued services at local level, rehabilitation activities and reconstruction or maintenance of local infrastructures i.e. public buildings and water supply systems damaged by disaster.

Our Work in Action