Women Empowerment

ETSC-Nepal aims to enhance the women community of poor and marginalized vulnerable people through process oriented efforts to the communities with specific target of reducing poverty through empowering women in its areas of  Makwanpur. The targeted communities themselves identify and analyze the demand that they have been facing for a long time back. At the identification of the root cause of existing problems, the community will be actively involve in need based planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of the programs. 

Active participation of communities people themselves is one of the key factors to bring the desired results of social transformation and poverty reduction. ETSC- Nepal’s roll will be vital in this regards; Field facilitator and the program management team as whole will provide necessary support for the development and strengthening of these community organizations. The program Management team will also act as bridging agent between the women community groups by organizing the target communities in to the groups, their capacity building, facilitating activities and assisting the project implementation which would be an appropriate means of sustainable social transformation.