ETSC Nepal


  • Stop the traffic End Slavery
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Peace Building Initiative
  • Food Security
  • Educational Support
  • Integral Mission
  • Sahayatra

Our Projects

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Stop the traffic End Slavery

Nepal is facing an enormous dilemma regarding the phenomenon of girl trafficking, representing a major crisis in the country. Due to a pervasive lack of female empowerment and an acute absence of overall awareness woman are trafficking to boarders country & India for prostitution.

Strategic Address

ETSC has 3 strategic ways and objective to achieve through the implementation of programmes that are Prevention, Intervention and Rehabilitation.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

HIV/AIDS becoming the pressing problem in all contexts of all parts of the world. Nepal has its own situation of AIDS spreading and becoming a serious pandemic threat to public health and development of communities. ”Trafficking — contributes to the spread of HIV by significantly increasing the vulnerability of trafficked person to infection” said Caitlin Wiesen-Antin, HIV/AIDS regional co-coordinator, Asia & Pacific for the UNDP.

Case Studies

Tales of Sorrow: The World of Persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Peace Building Initiative

Nepal had faced decade long armed conflicts, during the period the agony of people had gone bad to worse. The conflict claimed the lives of over 13000 people. The year of 2004 alone bear the 39484 events that has included the incidence like killing, cast discrimination, violation of socio-religious rights, child and women right violation, trafficking, arrest, violation the right of peaceful gathering, death in prison and kidnapping etc.

Conflict Situation

In the post conflict situation in Nepal, hopes, expectation and demand of the people and groups at all level have risen to a great height.