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It was humble beginning in the 1999 January, the group of community leaders initiated

the ministry of ETSC-Nepal is a holistic mission with the message & work of welfare. 


Love Your Neighbour As Yourself:

ETSC/N is active since 2000 AD with the vision to build the perfect society in righteousness, through co-operation and the distribution of this present decade’s advancement. The importance of the awareness of human rights, dignity and welfare of human being, protection and the lives of a life will not be comparable with the whole quantity of worldly wealth; the life of a human being is the only eternal things that lives today and forever among all creation of this world. To bear the hardships in making efforts for the protection and strengthen of a life may not be too much intolerable. No insults will be fierce, No weakness will be strong, No labor will be hard, No expenses will be huge, But it is precious that contributed to live a life. Let us make reach out our helping hands to one to another for building the core welfare of a person & society in such an vulnerable unbalance and needy present world.


A Brief Introduction of ETSCN:

Education Training and Service for Community Nepal (ETSCN) is a non-governmental organization working for the welfare of poor and vulnerable people marginalized women, children and community of district, since its establishment in the year 1999. As a social organization working in one of the region with highest number of human trafficking specially of women, girls and children, the main focus for ETSC-Nepal is a process oriented efforts to increase the capacity of vulnerable/marginalize community for accessing the resources in order to build perfect and righteous society by loving the creation of God.